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Best Platform Bed Frame With Headboard Review​ - Platformbedexpert.com

A headboard adds visual appeal to a bedroom. There is a significant difference between when a platform bed frame is plain and when it has this additional feature. The good thing about headboards is that it is not necessary that it is installed on the bed. It can be standalone that is attached and detached as needed. When choosing these platform beds, consider the available space in the bedroom. They tend to take up extra space. Also, choose one with a comfortable reclining position.

If you wish to customize it, this will be possible as you can easily match the decor of the space. Choosing the upholstery material should also be considered carefully.

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Zinus Adrian Wood Rustic Style Platform Bed With Headboard​

A great product by Zinus, the Adrian Wood rustic style bed is made of pinewood. The staining of the wood gives it a unique texture and desired strength. The color also makes it easy for the best platform bed to blend in well with the style of any bedroom. When looking for a nature-inspired texture bed, this frame will be excellent. For pressure to be spread evenly, it is designed with six legs at the center for additional strength. Also, it prevents the sagging of slats.

It has 14 plywood slats that and for a fixed position, they are attached with Velcro straps. This helps to keep the mattress in place and not to disintegrate. It has a unique wood-paneled headboard that enhances its visual appeal. The simple yet rugged look will give your bedroom a fresh feel.

A box spring will not be required with the high-quality slat system. The ground clearance is 8 inches and adds up as a storage option. If you have boxes of seasonal clothes and books, they can be stored here. It takes about 45 minutes to put the best platform bed together.

Novogratz Bushwick​

When you need a platform bed that combines contemporary and industrial design, the Novogratz comes into play. This platform bed has a well-curved sturdy metal frame that comes together with a footboard and headboard. It is constructed of metal, wrought iron to assure you of durability. The side and center rail offer more stability.

The slats are fixed with plastic locking slides to ensure that your mattress does not keep sliding as you sleep. Perhaps you wish to increase the storage space under the bed. The beauty of this bed frame is that it is adjustable. You can opt to have it very low at six inches or up to 11 inches.

Mantua Leather Bed Frame with Headboard​

For the perfect finishing touch of your bedroom, this bed is ideal. It is made of wood and upholstered with faux leather which is coated in vinyl and gives it a luxurious appearance. The square tufted headboard not only makes the room beautiful but also enhances comfort. It is cushioned with foam for comfort whether sitting up in bed or sleeping.

For the best cushioning and support of the mattress, the Mantua leather platform bed frame has slats that run across railings. They have a unique design as they are curved and thick. As you flip and move while sleeping, some beds will be noisy. With this particular one, this is prevented by the split slats.

One other thing that you will appreciate this bed for is the restful nights that you will enjoy. It is made possible by the leather-padded frame as there will be no friction noise. For stability and durability, it is built with seven legs. The center railing has three legs attached to it and there are also four corner legs for a strong base. Whether you are using a California king or king-size mattress, this bed will accommodate it comfortably. It is a durable and solid bed that is worth buying.

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Zinus Shalini Upholstered Bed Frame with Headboard​

The Shalini platform bed is made using steel and wood. A tight woven synthetic fabric upholsters the metal frame giving it a sleek look. It is entirely upholstered including the headboard that also has button-diamond stitching. On the front side, it has a thin layer of padding while at the back it is hollow.

The pinewood slats are spaced three inches apart and support the mattress effectively. To prevent excessive noise as you toss and turn in bed, the slats are held with Velcro. Due to its low profile, it is easy to get in and out of bed. When it comes to colors, you can choose from sage or dark grey. All you need to assemble the bed is included during purchase and to sweeten the deal, it is an inexpensive option.

Musehome Upholstered Knighthood Platform Bed​

Built on iron, the bed exudes a classic yet modern style. Quality faux-linen is then used to cover it giving it a brilliant appearance. The same material covers the foam stuffed headboard that features stitched buttons. The fact that the fabric is unwoven gives it a unique texture and allows free airflow. Mattress support is crucial and the pinewood slats do it excellently. The wooden lining on the metal frame helps to keep the slats in place. It also features sideboards and footboards.

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Features To Look For In a Platform Bed with a Headboard​

The moment someone walks into the bedroom and looks at the bed, they will notice the headboard first. For this reason and comfort, it is imperative to choose an outstanding piece of furniture. From time to time, you will sit up in a platform bed doing something. The headboard needs to be your backrest and thus, it should be comfortable. If you need extra storage space for accessories and books, you should get one with shelves or even cubies.

The good thing about choosing a headboard is that there are plenty of them in stores. They come in different designs, styles, materials, and even heights. There are those that can be detached and those with adjustable heights. The latter is highly recommended so that you can get the most ideal piece of furniture that will support the back, and head as needed.